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Oil Tank Cleaning & Removal by Easco Boiler Corp.

Increasing public interest in the conservation of our nation's water resources has directly affected industries worldwide. Pressure to control harmful oil discharges and spills from industrial facilities has resulted in increasingly more stringent regulations and high penalties for noncompliance.

Oil bearing waste water discharges occur in many type of facilities, in many locations, and for many reasons. Relatively small but chronic oil discharges result from routine operations - engine and parts steam cleaning; regular vehicle maintenance and wash down; storage tank dike draining; and intentional hose-downs of loading racks, fueling islands and vehicle parking areas.

Large, catastrophic spills usually result from human error and equipment failure associated with loading and dispensing operations. Fire and environmental codes require that the surface on which spills may occur be fully paved, curbed, and drained so that all spills flow to an adequately sized drain and oil/water separator. In most cased, oil and grease discharge regulations state that "any facility which discharges a harmful quantity of oil, or any petroleum product, and the oil enters a navigable body of water of the United States, by whatever means, is liable for significant penalties for clean-up costs and ecological damage.

Easco Boiler Corp. offers innovative solutions for these problems. Our 24 hour quick response team can handle your environmental cleanup efficiently economically.

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